Sustainability & Systems: A Tour of the OSUWMC Chiller Plant

Chiller Plant 2

“In recent years, some architects have been wrapping new chiller plants in eye-catching skins. Often these structures are glass boxes within metal scrims, which allow the mechanicals to be visible on the exterior. ‘Putting a chiller in a glass box means you have the chill the chiller plant,’ said Carol Ross Barney, principal of Ross Barney Architects in Chicago. For Ohio State University’s new ten-story plant, Ross Barney instead designed a precast concrete box, which will be given a high-polish finish. Fins of diachronic glass will cast colored rays across the reflective surface of the concrete, and a series of openings will offer glimpses into the mechanicals inside. ‘Rather than just showing the pipes, we wanted to represent energy itself,’ she said.” – The Architect’s Newspaper, 9/22/2010 



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