Biogenic House Sections Exhibit

Join us on November 8 for a special after hours exhibit viewing and mixer with Knowlton architecture students!

An exhibition at OSU’s Knowlton School of LTL Architects’ Manual of Biogenic House Sections seeks to rethink the material basis of architecture in a time of environmental crisis.

The exhibit is composed of three parts: the Exhibit of a new book, a selection of building materials, and five small houses designed by LTL Architects. The selection of building materials organized according to the amount of their embodied carbon (CO2e), arranged from most sequestering to most emitting is compelling.

Read more about Biogenic House Sections gallery show.

Read more about Paul Lewis of LTL Architects, who gave an AU23 Knowlton Baumer lecture on the book available on Knowlton’s YouTube channel.

The Baumer Gallery is under the large concrete stairs in the center of Knowlton Hall on the first floor. Knowlton Hall is located at 275 West Woodruff Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210. Closest available parking is available next to Knowlton Hall in the Tuttle Parking garage located 2050 Tuttle Park Pl, Columbus, OH 43210. Closest surface lot parking available at the Stadium Lot Northeast, paid per the ParkCBus app.

November 8, 2023
5-7 PM
275 West Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

No registration necessary.

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