Zone In Columbus Gallery

AIA Columbus members visited the Zone In Columbus gallery to hear from city officials about the new proposed zoning code. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Columbus recently introduced a proposal to modernize Columbus’ 70-year-old zoning code to address the city and region’s housing, mobility, and affordability challenges while fostering quality development and sustainable growth. If adopted, the proposal is expected to support the creation of 88,000 new homes – 44% of the region’s housing demand – in 10 years, offering a significant solution to the region’s mounting housing pressures.

Drawing on adopted neighborhood and area plans, two years of technical analysis, and engagement with thousands of residents, the code proposal recommends creating six new mixed-use zones on 12,300 parcels of land along Columbus’ busiest streets. Presently, these parcels are projected to support the creation of 6,000 housing units, but through market-driven parking strategies, permissibility for taller construction, and through a clearer and more navigable process, capacity analysis suggests the proposed code could unlock the creation of 82,000 additional homes.

Click here to learn more about the proposed zoning code.

The Zone In gallery at 141 N Front St is open through June 10 during the proposal’s public comment period. Learn more here.

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