The Cure for the Common Code: How the 2014 FGI Guidelines will Affect You

DoctorsBig changes are coming to the FGI Guidelines – the minimum “code” standards for healthcare facilities in 44 states. These guidelines use a consensus revision process, soliciting healthcare trends and design issues from the entire industry. Input is needed from the entire design healthcare design profession, including architects, engineers, medical professionals, owners, interior designers, equipment providers and research professionals, on a series of proposed key new requirements and removal of outdated requirements in the draft of the 2014 edition. The Guidelines public comment process (June 1 – November 22) will be thoroughly explained to allow the audience to submit their own comments. 

These proposals affect critical care, emergency care, behavioral health, imaging, and nursing units as well as architectural details. Come to this session to learn about the proposed items addressing issues such as patient safety, healing environment, reduction in falls, and medication safety, and to submit your input and expertise. These Guidelines changes directly impact the quality of the facility for the patient, staff, and public. At this session, a voting system will be used, and all input will be recorded and reported to the 2014 HGRC at their final meeting. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
5:00 – 7:00 PM


Moody Nolan
300 Spruce Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215 

2.0 AIA LU | HSW 

AIA Members | $20.00
Associate AIA Members | $10.00
Non-AIA Members | $40.00

Register here, or call 614.469.1973.  

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