One step at a time, with a little help from you

In the Fall of 2008, a task force provided analysis and feasibility studies regarding moving the chapter offices to a new location and expanding the mission of the office space to support a Center for Architecture.  The report that was delivered to the board of directors and then presented at the annual meeting has been received with great energy and optimism.  Since this time, the chapter leadership has been planning the logistics and putting together a structure that will ensure openness, inclusiveness and opportunities for participation from members interested in shaping the direction for your Center for Architecture.  It is no easy feat.
Now, we need your help.  Task forces need energetic volunteers to participate and include:  CFA event planning and program development, CFA Design Competition, CFA Fund-raising, and Implementation.   In addition, existing standing committees will also serve a critical role to commence shaping their missions to support the Center and allow the Center to shape their programming opportunities.   President Elect Peter Macrae will convene a Spring 2009 Action Plan Kickoff session focused on shaping programming and events for 2010.  If you are interested in serving on any of our standing committees or any of these Center for Architecture task forces, please notify the chapter office.  All are welcome.  And, we need a lot of help.
Additionally, myself, Gwen Berlekamp, and members of the Executive Committee are hosting a series of informational brown-bag luncheons at the chapter office or various office locations throughout the area.  Please try to come to one of these if you have not been able to see a presentation on the Center for Architecture.  We look forward to seeking your input following our presentations.
We are all so excited about the growing possibilities that this physical place will present as we move forward.  We have always known that our city has a great deal of design thought and design leadership.  Now, let’s work to create a Center for Architecture to take the discussion to the next level.
Timothy Hawk, AIA
2009 President, AIA Columbus


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