AIA Guide to Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, the largest city in Ohio, has, since its founding in 1812, been home to many impressive architectural landmarks. The AIA Guide to Columbus, produced by the Columbus Architecture Foundation, highlights the significant buildings and neighborhoods in the Columbus metropolitan area. Skillfully blending architectural interest with historic significance, The AIA Guide to Columbus documents approximately 160 buildings and building groups and is organized geographically.

Each chapter provides an opportunity to explore a special area of Columbus’s built environment. The Columbus Architecture Foundation has been affiliated with the American Institute of Architects(AIA), Columbus Chapter, for more than thirty years. Its first book project was Architecture Columbus, published in 1976. This new companion volume updates coverage of the buildings and provides a portable, accessible guide to the city’s architectual history.

The AIA Guide to Columbus identifies buildings designated as historic and those that have won awards, and includes information on architectural styles, excellent photographs, maps, a glossary, and an index. The focus is on easy touring, whether the reader is walking or driving. Students, visitors, and residents with a penchant for knowing more about their city will enjoy discovering the rich heritage of Columbus’s downtown, special districts, and neighborhoods.

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Downtown Architecture Map

To increase awareness of high-profile and noteworthy architecture in central Ohio, AIA Columbus is distributing a map, complete with photos and descriptions, of architecturally significant buildings Downtown free of charge to the central Ohio community.

“This is the first focused effort of this type to assemble an overview of significant historic and modern architecture in Downtown Columbus,” said Richard Buchsieb, AIA. “It’s important to note, however, that this is a very abbreviated version of the important architectural contributions to our community.”

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