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Are you a well-rounded, self-motivated problem solver who understands what’s important and finds solutions? Do you have a healthy sense of urgency, take pride in your work, and want to be part of something bigger? At Archall Architects, our success is predicated on thoughtful relationships, a keen eye for detail and a willingness to roll-up our sleeves and do what needs to get done. If you share our commitment to quality, are adaptable, driven, and accountable, we want to hear from you!

Our ideal Architect is:

  • A leader. You mentor, teach, and coach others and appreciate the value of a positive culture. Assertive and thorough, you’re a stellar multi-tasker who produces quality work. You set expectations, invest in people, and empower them to do their best.
  • A team player. You are likable, genuine, and able to check your ego at the door. You meld well with the team, and they know you have their backs. You find more satisfaction in your team’s success than individual accomplishments.
  • Conversational. You are a clear communicator who is friendly and comfortable talking with executives and owners. You’re personable and not afraid to speak up.
  • The expert. Confident and intelligent, you have strong design sensibility and exceptional project management skills. Others look to you for your insight, guidance, and experience in the field.
  • Lifelong learner. You constantly strive to challenge and improve yourself, both personally and professionally, and stay current on emerging trends. You know you don’t have all the answers and are willing to ask for help when needed. Experience is the best teacher, and you’ve learned from your mistakes AND your successes.
  • Innovative. You are passionate, creative, and want to know how things are put together. Charismatic and entrepreneurial, you are a hands-on crafter who is excited and wants to be involved.
  • Authentic. you are strong in your abilities and who you are as an individual. Your clients and colleagues rely and depend on your integrity. You have positive energy and are not above dressing up for Halloween, socializing with your colleagues, or talking thru sports analogies and metaphors.
  • Loyal. You have a love for the city of Columbus and appreciate the impact our company is having on the community. You’re not a job bouncer looking for the next best thing or a career steppingstone. You’re ready to stay local, work in an office, and invest your time and energy in a company you can call Home.

Our culture values hard work, exceptional customer service, and a sensible work-life balance. We are seeking an enthusiastic and diligent Architect who takes his/her craft seriously but also likes to have fun and blow off steam with the team. Our ideal Architect promotes teamwork and collaboration and is a thoughtful time manager who understands critical path to completing projects. If you are organized, open minded, and friendly, apply now!


The job responsibilities of the Associate include, but are not limited to:

  • Implement design intent by producing high quality documents through all project phases, from Schematic Design thru Construction Administration
  • Possess strong written and verbal skills to communicate effectively with the project team



  • Associate degree in architecture or related field,
  • 2+ years’ work experience in the profession
  • Autodesk software proficiency (such as Revit and AutoCAD)
  • Bluebeam proficiency


  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture or related field,
  • Experience in private sector projects
  • Able to multi-task, act as a team player and be self-motivated
  • Be adaptable in a fast-paced & friendly workplace


  • Strong portfolio of work

*This is a full-time position, in downtown Columbus, OH.


For over 45 years archall architects has helped our partners realize their dreams by designing purposeful buildings and inspiring spaces. The two founders, sons of contractors, designed and built working environments focused on building lasting relationships through purposeful design and high-quality work.  From sizeable multi-family towers to iconic dealerships and massively complex industrial facilities, archall has designed spaces and places with stories that elevate how we live, work and play.


We care about our people and builds our teams on trust. Our culture promotes and encourages development and growth by providing our employees with opportunities to learn and refine their skills. When you join our team, you are given challenges and the reigns to take the opportunity as far as you want to go.

There is momentum in and around what we’re doing: our work impacts the city and its future. We want our company to outlast our team today, and you will become part of our team. We like what we do, and we prioritize, focus, and value client relationships.

We have a laid back, get your work done and promote a good a work-life balance. Our team enjoys doing things together as a group, like bowling, monthly events, and fun team building. We love people, coffee, and culture.

Our office space is a creative and unique space located with restaurants and bars within walking distance. It’s a fun, lively environment where we can work, live, and play.

Our Values

  • Think Team First
  • Hard Work + Hustle
  • Love Your Craft

This is an excellent opportunity to grow your skills and significantly impact your local community. Apply today!

Contact: Cindy Gilmore, [email protected]

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