2011 Slate Hill Dog House

This is a photo of Slate Hill Doghouse with Slate Hill Elementary School teacher Jhan Yoder-Wyse,   Project Architecture coordinator Marcia Rees Conrad, AIA and Craig Wagner of Gilbane. “Barney’s Dog House” tied into the Ohio 4th grade education curriculum of simple machines. Included in the display are lights glowing when pinwheels turn by wind power, ramps with ball, cogs and wheels all to keep the active dog sharp. It comes with space below to house the dog. This unconventional dog house was built by Craig Wagner of Gilbane Building Company and designed by Jhan Yoder-Wyze’s 2009-2010 fourth grade art class, under the mentorship of architect Peter Macrae, AIA and assisted by Kevin Williams of Gilbane. 
The Slate Hill Dog House was part of the award-winning program, Project Architecture, and is the project of the 4th grade lesson called “Pads for Paws.” Project Architecture is offered to elementary schools by the American Institute of Architects, Columbus Chapter. 

Slate Hill Dog House

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