2020 Board of Directors Nominations

Aleks Daskalov, AIA, Vice President of FMS Architects is seeking the office of President-Elect. Amanda Dunfield, AIA, Architect at Ad Astra Design, is seeking the office of Treasurer. Matt Toddy, AIA, Architect at Design Collective is seeking the office of Secretary. Matthew Teismann, AIA, Director of Architecture at MKC, Hannah Evwaraye, AIA, Project Architect at Moody Nolan, and Sara Boyer, AIA, Associate Principal at Moody Nolan, are seeking to fill two-year terms as Directors. Joshua Hostetler, Assoc. AIA, BIM Manager at DesignGroup, is seeking a two-year term as Associate Director. John Meegan, AIA, Principal Architect at Gutknecht Construction, is seeking a three-year term as AIA Ohio Delegate. Ruth Gless, FAIA, is seeking a three-year term as AIA Ohio Delegate Alternate.

The membership will have the opportunity to vote on the slate of nominations at the upcoming Annual Meeting. We’re excited for the coming year! 

2020 board nominations

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